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Anilao is only 2.5 hours drive from Metro Manila and has long been a local Dive Destination in the Philippines, with its good mix of reefs, sandy slopes, caves, and piers. In recent years, Anilao has experienced a boom in UW Macro Photography tourism. There has been an influx of foreign divers visiting Anilao in order to photograph its diversely rich underwater subjects and seascapes. This led to the discovery of unique critters such as the Rhinopias and Sea Dragons, which are now regularly spotted in these waters.

Just a boat ride away from Puerto Galera and Verde Island; Anilao makes a perfect staging area to access all these well-known Philippine Dive Destinations.


The Dive Center is complete with gear and tools to suit all diving needs. It sits on more than 120 sq. of a well-designed space that assists in the efficient flow of divers departing and arriving at the resort during peak operations.


The warmly-lit rooms provide an inviting atmosphere for that well-deserved rest, complemented by soft pillows and high thread count sheets for a good night’s sleep.


The camera room can comfortably house 18 Photographers actively working on their cameras; with provisions for double the number, if needed. It has been dubbed as one of the best equipped Camera Rooms in Anilao, Batangas.


Over the years, Anilao remains to be one of the most popular diving destinations in the Philippines. Strategically located in Mabini, Batangas, only 2-3 hours drive from Metro Manila, Anilao is known to be home to the beginnings of majority of the diving population of the Philippines.


Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort is the epitome of a stylish resort that strives to make staying ashore as pleasurable as diving itself. Strategically situated on the mountainside, Aiyanar presents you with a grand panoramic view of the sunset against the ocean’s vast expanse. Send an inquiry to

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