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Come and Explore Anilao

Over the years, Anilao remains to be one of the most popular diving destinations in the Philippines. Strategically located in Mabini, Batangas, only 2-3 hours drive from Metro Manila, Anilao is known to be home to the beginnings of majority of the diving population of the Philippines. Divers who take their open water course in Manila or in any location within Luzon most likely have their first taste of real open water in Anilao, for example. In addition, it’s accessibility to Manila makes it a favourite among weekend warriors and excursionists.

Decades ago, Anilao was merely a secret haven for locals. Today, resorts line the coast of Mabini catering to a myriad of clientele. It is a town built upon the love of diving. As such, development in Anilao strictly abides by the rules of conservation and sustainability. Locals proudly hold that Anilao has been a protected marine area since the 70’s, and are determined to maintain it as such.

Today, there is an international boom in the interest in the Philippine diving industry, highlighting Anilao and its many diving opportunities. It is a haven that caters to divers of all skill levels and interests.

For example, those who like bigger animals will find that Anilao has no shortage of sharks, rays, and other good-sized schooling fish like trivially barracuda. It is also not unlikely to spot the occasional whaleshark or other bigger animals while diving. These can be found at the more advanced sights with good currents and some deeper reefs (eg.mainit point, bahura kanto, mapating larry’s garden and twin rocks).


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